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Traci, Johns, Certified, Professional, Coach

Your abundant life is waiting…

You can have abundance in every area of life

It’s time to step into your power.

Together we can transmute the blocks that keep you stuck into energy  for living a higher-vibe life. 

You can create the life you dream about, everything is within your reach!

Traci Johns

Coaching that empowers you on your journey to your highest version of yourself

Goal and Productivity Coaching

Coaching and resources for those that have a goal in mind and desire an accountability partner.  Stay focused and on track, especially when life gets in the way of your plans.

Healing Coaching

For those on a healing journey who desire a guide along the way to help navigate the pitfalls and celebrate the victories.  Learn tools for raising your mindset to new levels of positivity to accelerate your healing process.

Grow24 coaching benefits you by:

~Uprooting your beliefs and thought patterns that keep you stuck.

~Empowering you by uncovering your preferred energy levels when interacting with the world in both everyday life and in times of stress or conflict. 

~Implementing practical tools to help you to the next higher level of energy type to increase your abundance.

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